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Antimicrobial Coatings are…

Lethal to

a wide array of pathogens
and microorganisms


24/7 for months at a time


100% safe for humans and animals

The Benefits

Our antimicrobials
will help you…

  • Protect your family, employees, customers,
    patients, students and livestock
  • Improve disinfection and slash risks of
    cross-contamination and infection
  • Reduce your sanitization costs
    without compromising safety
  • Minimize work absenteeism due to illness

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What Are Antimicrobial Coatings?

Antimicrobial coatings are the latest breakthrough in nanotechnology that governments and businesses around the world are embracing. Antimicrobials can be applied to most surfaces to shield off viruses, bacteria, allergens and fungi posing risks to your health. Antimicrobial coatings help protect you 24/7 for months at a time and provide long-term residual protection.


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Columbiana Schools

L.A. Coatings has a tremendous product in an antimicrobial solution that adheres to surfaces protecting against a broad spectrum of pathogens including COVID19.  Additionally, it fights against mold and mildew reducing the risks of illness from our students and staff.  Their electrostatic disinfecting application extends the protection over a period of months to mitigate viruses and bacteria. The application is an added benefit to our school environment as we continue to seek ways to combat the COVID19 virus spread.  Courtney Love, Bill Freudenberg, and their staff carefully combed through our facilities applying proactive protection to our surfaces throughout our district.  The L.A. Coatings staff was thorough and respectful to our staff’s personal areas, yet considerably purposeful to cover high contact areas.  The process helped our staff, parents, and students to have an increased peace of mind over the year-long struggle with the pandemic.  We are appreciative of the cost-effective strategy that L.A. Coatings provided our school system.

Donald J. Mook, Ed.D. — Superintendent, Columbiana Exempted Village School District